Ep 7: Your degree of self-awareness will set the tone for your leadership.

When you're in leadership positions, both in your personal and professional life, you're a tone-setter. Self awareness allows you to bring a level of intention and presence to your leadership.

a month ago

Ep 6: When delegation is grounded in trusted relationships, it's living its best life, with a smooth and efficient team.

Delegation is the beginnings of the support system for your business that ripples out to solidify into a strong structure as your team grows. So how do you delegate effectively? Join us as we walk our way around this idea.

4 months ago

Ep 5: Build a Team that's Empowered by Collaboration

Collaboration can make all the difference to your company's success. Starting off with Abigail's soccer experiences this summer starts the translation between athletics and how a business team performs.

4 months ago

Ep 4: Mind-blowing Customer Experience: who you are, and how you relate with your team, matters most

When a DTC startup asks for a CX recipe, it turns out the ingredients are simple, kinda hard, and the opposite of what you'd learn from a classic business book. An elder Texas horseman gives us a clue.

7 months ago

Ep. 3: Trusting in your team doesn't have to feel scary - 5 questions to help

There's a point when a leader's anxiety about losing control gets in the way of a team's work. How to build your trust in the team? One week at a time...

8 months ago

Ep. 2: Hacked by Russians and how Metis saved us

When an ecommerce server with unencrypted credit cards is compromised, the ensuing crisis demands a unique response.

9 months ago