Expansion Options by Risk

Peter Kang is co-founder of Barrel Holdings, an umbrella company that owns a portfolio of agencies (all small businesses.) He recently announced a new productized services offer in the form of a creative agency, Bolster, that offers sub $30k logo and branding for service firms, B2B tech start-ups, and non-profits.

5 months ago

Why self-connection must come before goal-setting

Are you so caught up in the obligations of work that you have lost connection with what matters most to you? Does the busy-ness leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Sure, you may be "getting things done," but your accomplishments feel empty, and the accolades have lost their allure. You

6 months ago

  • 3 min read

Team and customer rapport: what can horses teach us?

Join us for an online discussion about what makes for a better vibe between customers and our team, and internally between teammates. It might just blow open your assumptions about asking for compliance and performance.

a year ago