Ep. 1: What do we mean by "easier business"?

Welcome to the easier business podcast! Co-hosts Abigail and Patrick Pitman share what you can expect to explore with them in future episodes.

As a multi-generational, father-daughter, co-worker duo, we're bringing Gen-X and Gen-Z perspectives to the conversation.

Try it before you commit 😉

Preview clip from Ep. 1 of the easier business podcast.

Storytime topics for today:

  • We don't want to play poker with our customers.
  • The IBM commercial that started it all for Patrick back in 1996.
  • Empathy can be a cliche these days. Can you guess the word we prefer instead?
  • How generations Gen-X and Gen-Z perceive work and business.
  • Abigail's Quince cashmere hoodie.
  • Considerations beyond the short-term measures of success.
  • Why trauma-informed leadership.
  • Measuring business metrics Quantitatively vs. Qualitatively.
  • Greek word Metis compared to Techne. Finding a crafty, deft touch.
  • Balancing the logical and intuitive sides, left and right brain understandings.
  • A lesson from our respective sports, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and soccer.
  • How do you talk to yourself when you're down or losing, or when things aren't working out how you'd like?
  • Observations of what's happening in our home city, Austin Texas.

As we were wrapping up the production of this episode, we tried to find the commercial that Patrick describes at the beginning of the conversation on YouTube. While we weren't able to, we did find some old IBM commercials that are interesting to look back on now with how much has changed in the last 25 years of the internet.

Watching the clips below, you can get a sense of what people's concerns were around 2000 and their perceptions of business and work moving online. They show a remarkable contrast to attitudes in 2022.

KidsBike.com Christmas commercial from IBM in 1997

Crashed Website: whose fault is it?  IBM Commercial 2000

Fixing customer service problems with classic rock

Ecommerce isn't safe