How to Start When You're Stuck and Unlock Effortless Productivity with Robbie Swale

This interview explores letting go of the old, and taking new, small steps.

You'll hear about the wisdom of prioritizing incremental progress, finding a better path than hustle culture, and "following the feeling" to help yourself make choices with integrity.

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About Robbie Swale

Robbie is a leadership coach, author, and podcaster whose work focuses on creativity, leading with honor, and the craft of coaching.

He is the host of two podcasts – The Coach’s Journey Podcast and The 12-Minute Method Podcast – and the author of The 12-Minute Method series of books, including How to Start When You’re Stuck and How to Create the Conditions for Great Work.

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Books & Authors Mentioned

Seth Godin - Known for ideas like The Purple Cow and Permission Marketing

 His blog is another great place to start if you're not familiar with his work.

How to Start When You're Stuck - Robbie Swale

Steven Pressfield - His most well-known book is The War of Art, discussing Resistance. Practices and habits help us move through that Resistance so we can be more creative.

The Genius Zone - Gay Hendricks

4,000 Weeks - Oliver Burkeman