Investors and stakeholders bring pressure. You bring pressure on yourself. Your team feels the accumulated pressure, and they pass it on to customers they encounter. Stress slows everything down. Pressure can exhaust everyone.

Understanding pressure is the first step to reducing it – giving you space to breathe and feel freed up to innovate and deliver on your big idea.

Easier business presents a 1 or 2 day unique experience that incorporates horses to explore this dilemma:  how to relate optimally to your team and your customers when you're under pressure or applying pressure to others.

WHEN: Friday April 22 and or Saturday April 23, 2022

WHERE: in Lampasas, Texas (1 hour north of Austin)

WHO:  for founders, team leaders, investors

WHAT:  in-person, outdoors, with horses, no riding

WHY: to reduce PRESSURE in business relationships

Participate either Friday or Saturday, or come for both days. Register here by April 20, Wednesday.

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The event will be facilitated by Patrick Pitman, a 22 year entrepreneur and ecommerce veteran, owner of ebusiness brands, and Tim Jobe, a horseman, teacher, and co-founder of Natural Lifemanship.

Additional facilitators will guide you in observing and interacting with the horses on the ground (not riding, no saddles, just ropes).

Tim Jobe (left) and Patrick Pitman at a similar event in 2021 north of Austin, Texas

You can listen to a conversation with Patrick and Tim in episode 4 of the easier business podcast. They talk about concepts that will be featured in this event.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for excerpts of their conversation and other videos.

The event will be hosted at Tyson's Corners at 1135 County Rd 1045, Lampasas, Texas, 76550


How to register

You can choose to participate for one day, or both days. You could begin on Friday or Saturday. Last day to register is Wednesday, April 20. Choose one of the three options below:

UPDATE: This event has now passed, but we're organizing similar events in future. If this is something that interests you, sign up to be notified of future events!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a question that you'd like to ask? Contact us here.

What equipment or skills do I need to participate?

No equipment necessary, except maybe a good hat to keep the sun off your face. We'll be mostly outdoors, in pasture and under oak trees. You'll be observing horses in round pen scenarios, with a special opportunity to interact directly within the round pen if you choose to do so. Bring sturdy comfortable shoes. No experience with horses necessary!

Can you help me expense this event to my company?

Yes, you might use the template below and send to your boss a link to this page...

There's a 1 or 2 day workshop an hour north of Austin that would help me improve how I understand and apply pressure. It might help how I relate to the team and our customers under stress.

(It may also help me learn how to stay connected to the team if we're working remotely. They preview ideas in this podcast episode.)

The instructors incorporate horses in their programming, which help demonstrate and practice their insights about better human relationships. It's organized by 'easier business,' a new initiative from a 22-year-old company based in Austin.

I could do one day on a Friday, or do it on Saturday, or both days.

It's about $200 to $300 depending. Can I expense this?

Who, by job title, is this for? 

Anyone who applies pressure, feels under pressure, and strives for better performance at work. Let's find an easier way:

Business managers who hire, supervise, or train people who interact directly with customers.

Startup Founder / CEO's of startup companies concerned with how customers perceive your company through your employees.

Executives responsible for company culture, setting management standards around hiring and training front-office staff.

Customer service, customer support, or CX managers who train agents how to support customers, or interact with customers directly themselves.

Who is Natural Lifemanship and what's their role in this event?

This event is organized in partnership with Natural Lifemanship, which helps people form better relationships & overcome stress and trauma. Their methods have developed since 1986 and are organize by Tim and Bettina Jobe who live near Austin.

They are hosting a Connected Horsemanship Training event at the same time and location, which you'll be able to audit in part. That'll be how the horses get to be part of this event for you. The program helps participants "Feel the power of horsemanship when relationships are equitable, secure, and flourishing."

Your experience will be guided by easier business facilitators who will provide complementary business management programming and experiences.

What about food and refreshments?

Expect mid-morning snacks and drinks, to be followed by a delicious lunch served indoors, then more snacks and drinks in the afternoon. If you have special dietary needs, plan to bring your own lunch.

Will the sessions be recorded?

No, the event is live, in-person interactions, mostly outside. There will be no video recording that's available to you after the event. You're welcome to record personal notes or observations away from the group, but do not record the group sessions so as to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of those present (and not spook the horses).

What's the refund policy?

Full refunds will be issued 48 hours prior to the first day of the event. All other refunds will be reviewed on case-by-case basis, with eligibility for 50% refund if you request it before 2 pm Saturday April 23.

Learn more about the perspectives to be offered at this event. Here are some excerpts:

Patrick's reflection on requests, compliance, and survival

This video was recorded on location at a prior, similar event.

Tim's observation about connecting with your (remote) team

Your team's capacity for empathy with customers comes out of your relationship with your team

How we suppress the performance of teams, or horses, and what to do instead

There's lots more to talk about along these lines.

UPDATE: This event has now passed, but we're organizing similar events in future. If this is something that interests you, sign up to be notified of future events!