Ep 8: Reframing confidence and how you make decisions as a leader

Growing in responsibilities is an exciting part of your career. It means your skills are progressing and you can perform at higher levels. However, as you eventually move into leadership or managerial positions, you're no longer doing the work that got you promoted in the first place.

You're now in charge of the people doing the work that got you promoted.

This shift in responsibilities can be challenging as the skills you've developed over the years, while still important, are no longer directly applicable to your day to day.

So how do you adjust? How do you approach making decisions as the scope of those impacted expands?

In this episode, Patrick and Abigail talk about developing skills, and the confidence that comes from knowing you can do something. Even if it feels challenging at first. And from there, how that process translates to decision-making.

Storytime topics for today

  • Teenagers put together a fall dinner for 1,200 people. What is there to learn from involving more age groups in your work?
  • What do the words "work" and "worship" have in common?
  • Finding ways for teenagers to challenge themselves and help answer the big question, "what do you wanna do?"
  • Building up your felt sense of "I can do it."
  • Looking at the Aramaic translation of "Thy kingdom come" by Neil Douglas-Kotz and "I can-ness."
  • What happens if a leader is lacking confidence when faced with a hard decision?
  • The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
  • A good leader needs to utilize both the visionary and the executor archetypes.
  • Blending your "voice for self" with your "voice for others" to reach your ideal Signature Voice. (From the book Own the Room)
  • The ACE method of conditioning.
  • How do we cultivate presence as a leader?
  • Keep these 3 things in mind when making decisions.
  • Making decisions with flow and not waiting for the perfect information.

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