Ep 7: Your degree of self-awareness will set the tone for your leadership.

We've all done quizzes or questionnaires that give us insights about ourselves. From the humorous "What kind of pizza are you?" kind to the more serious personality tests there's a desire to understand people better. Yourself and those around you.

When you're in leadership positions, both in your personal and professional life, you're a tone-setter. People look to you for guidance. For direction. For a sense of right and wrong.

The tone you set will ripple out to those around you and expand, particularly as things scale. Self-awareness allows you to bring a level of intention and presence to your leadership.

What is your level of recognition to what your tendencies are? Are you aware of your first reactivity to situations? Finding the spaciousness for this kind of reflection improves your ability to connect and work with others.

Storytime topics for today

  • What's your capacity to recognize what your own tendencies are? Are you aware of your first reactivity to situations?
  • Patrick's journey with the Enneagram, trying to determine his number.
  • Insights Discovery, Myers-Briggs, the Zodiac and other typing systems.
  • An "Aha" moment a leadership team had with a horse in a round pen.
  • Part of the beauty of the horse is their ability to respond to you how you are, not how you want to be perceived.
  • Not getting caught up in the stereotypes of your type.
  • Patrick's silent retreat experience, 5 days of nada.
  • Shifting into the parasympathetic nervous system and giving yourself the spaciousness to notice. To reassert the intention to make your choice and really sitting with what you want.
  • Noticing who you are under stress. How is that different from who you are in integration? How is that different from who you are at rest?
  • People's resistance to being typed.
  • Andrew Tate and seeing the world as a violent place.
  • Positive quitting.
  • The tenderness underneath rejection and covering it up with bravado or calling someone a quitter.
  • Reflection doesn't always give you the perfect answer or solution. But it can make you aware of the pattern and open you up to possible solutions wherever they may come from.
  • Indonesian architect Realrich Sjarief's togetherness attitude.
  • How does a team attitude of togetherness affect how they work together?
  • The power of having several problems pondering in the back of your mind at once.

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