Ep 6: When delegation is grounded in trusted relationships, it's living its best life, with a smooth and efficient team.

A crucial part of growing your business involves delegation as you scale. It's what moves it from just you in your bedroom to a thriving company out in the world. Social media is full of motivational posts romanticizing the grind that can come along this process, but they can have a tone of treating delegation as a way to just "get more done". Like it's a way to extract more out of your day or team.

Delegation is the beginnings of the support system for your business that ripples out to solidify into a strong structure as your team grows. However, if things don't ever get fully handed off, delegation can lead to bottlenecks in the business. So how do you delegate effectively? What underlying needs have to be met or dynamics in place for that to occur? Join us as we walk our way around these ideas.

Storytime topics for today:

  • Efficient delegation is the outcome of ____
  • An example of delegation going awry when the team hadn't been properly built up and prepared
  • Broken Spoke dance hall in downtown Austin
  • Country dancing, clear leaders and followers, and not getting stuck on doing it just the way you were taught
  • Jim Moats and his book Leading from the Edge of the Inside
  • The Morning Show on Apple TV and controlling the narrative
  • Challenges arise when the leader lacks the confidence to fully delegate
  • Perfectionism and letting go of control
  • Adam Grant's tweet about intellectual chemistry and creating harmony. Think about how this relates to the different people who make up your team.
  • Collaboration always has a facilitator who is the tone setter. But most collaborations don't start with conscious tone setting. Instead they start with the frenetic energy of urgency which unconsciously sets the tone.
  • The quality of our collaboration forms the outcome
  • The Captain TV show on ESPN - how does your leadership team manage conflict?
  • Building up confidence and expertise to delegate to younger employees
  • Excellence vs perfectionism
  • Adam Grant's tweet about the perfectionism spiral
  • Texas Playboys, sandlot baseball

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