Ep 5: Build a Team that's Empowered by Collaboration

Collaboration can make all the difference to your company's success. Trust, balancing power dynamics, and the relationships amongst your team are just a few of the things that create a conducive environment.

Starting off with hearing about Abigail's soccer experiences so far this summer starts the translation between athletics and how a business team performs.

Storytime topics for today:

  • Natural Lifemanship and the Fundamentals course.
  • Taking a lot of "shots" in your work and how that positive collaboration amongst your team can bring remarkable success and monetary improvements.
  • Patrick shares a Jiu Jitsu story of his sensei's experience at the World Championships. The transition of being the competitor to the teacher. (You might think of this as moving from the do-er of your job to a manager.)
  • Brenda Ellington Booth from Kellogg at Northwestern University. You can find her article on coaching people as a manager here.
  • Jim Moats and the study with the University of Washington can be found in his book.
  • Jiu Jitsu teaches you how to be a good partner and learning how to take care of your partner. How does this translate to the teams in your company?
  • Teasing, sarcasm, and mocking in teams.
  • Casa de Luz, the very "Keep Austin Weird" restaurant.
  • Study of the business coexisting with the Study of the Self. Get ready for Abigail's ACL tear analogy.
  • Our businesses rest and ultimately come down to the people, especially the leader, because at the end of the day all decisions flow through them.
  • The 3 Forces of Resistance Questions.
  • An example of how the leaders setting the tone for the company creates an amazing CX.
  • The Linkedin post between Patrick and John van der Steur.
  • How hormones cortisol, dopamine, oxytocin  interact when we're completing tasks.

This Episode's Bookshelf

Living from the Edge of the Inside - Jim Moats

Traction - Gino Wickman

The EOS Life: How to Live Your Ideal Entrepreneurial Life - Gino Wickman

The Power of Polarities: An Innovative Method to Transform Individuals, Teams, and Organizations - John van der Steur

Browse all books we've mentioned on the podcast here.