'Profit First' asks hard choices but makes for an easier business | Jason Snider

This interview dives into understanding the "profit first" mentality. For entrepreneurs, this can bring clarity to bookkeeping practices that might otherwise feel overwhelming and emotionally charged. Host Patrick Pitman interviews guest expert Jason Snider. You'll learn how shifting your thinking to prioritize profit first, rather than growth first, yields a

2 months ago

How to Start When You're Stuck and Unlock Effortless Productivity with Robbie Swale

This interview explores letting go of the old, and taking new, small steps. You'll hear about the wisdom of prioritizing incremental progress, finding a better path than hustle culture, and "following the feeling" to help yourself make choices with integrity. Let us know how you feel about videos! You can

2 months ago

Ep 8: Reframing confidence and how you make decisions as a leader

Growing in responsibilities is an exciting part of your career. It means your skills are progressing and you can perform at higher levels. However, as you eventually move into leadership or managerial positions, you're no longer doing the work that got you promoted in the first place. You're now in

5 months ago

Ep 7: Your degree of self-awareness will set the tone for your leadership.

When you're in leadership positions, both in your personal and professional life, you're a tone-setter. Self awareness allows you to bring a level of intention and presence to your leadership.

7 months ago

Ep 6: When delegation is grounded in trusted relationships, it's living its best life, with a smooth and efficient team.

Delegation is the beginnings of the support system for your business that ripples out to solidify into a strong structure as your team grows. So how do you delegate effectively? Join us as we walk our way around this idea.

10 months ago

Ep 5: Build a Team that's Empowered by Collaboration

Collaboration can make all the difference to your company's success. Starting off with Abigail's soccer experiences this summer starts the translation between athletics and how a business team performs.

10 months ago